May 9, 2011

Grieves- Together/Apart Mix-Tape "Bloody Poetry" X "On The Rocks"

 I don’t know what in the hell they put in their water, but over the past few years I have found my self becoming a fan of an abundance of Seattle rappers. As I just recently found out that Grieves is from the Seattle the eclectic instrumentation apparent in his music explains his overall vibe. I’ve never been one to listen intently to lyrics but instead my fascination with hip-hop stems from the variety of influences that come together to make a hip-hop beat. For me the way an artist’s delivery flows with the beat is the most important aspect of any rap song. As I listen to Grieves track “Bloody Poetry” the way the smooth piano riff complements his flow takes me away into the music. Everything about Grieves feels real, from the battered hoodie, fitted cap and refusal to loose the lip ring to the emotion that listeners can feel through his unbelievable hook making abilities. The release date for the mix-tape has been set as June 21st so wait patiently for this talented MC's awaited project. 

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