May 26, 2011

Introducing: Luke Christpher- The Social Network x Rooftops x The Rescuer

Now a days any highschooler who is somewhat tech savvy and has a little cash can formulate a rap career. But, as much as I enjoy the common weed smoker raps that these kids produce over what ever sample is popular at the time, 17 year old rappers like Luke Christopher are hard to come by. I've been holding on to this kid for a while and am finally going to do him justice by posting him for Straight Goods followers. The first song that intruiged by ears was "The Social Network" which features a unique sample of the classic Radiohead song "Creep". On this track Luke Christopher lyrically takes us through the tumultuous times of being a teen ager as he spits his 17 year old  awesomeness over the dope choir sample. As I began my blogger ways of researching this new found talent I found another gem in "Rooftops" that features none other than Asher Roth. The fact that the kid was able to convince Asher to do a song with him just proves that i'm not the only one that see's the unbelievable potential in Luke Christopher. The piano oriented beat is amazing and both Luke and Asher absolutely kill it. The most recent track from the kid is "The Rescuer" that despite having some Kanye influenced auto-tune also see's the kid spit hard over a crazy beat that I don't even know how to explain. Apparently a full length mix-tape is in the works, which will be available on his site

Luke Christopher- The Social Network

Luke Christopher- Rooftops Featuring Asher Roth

Luke Christopher- The Rescuer

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