May 21, 2011

Outasight- Figure 8 Mix-Tape Review

Full time manual labor and a lack of internet connection has put me in an unfortunate stint of not blogging the music I’ve been jamming. The one mix-tape that I looked forward too for so long and have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks is Outasight’s newest 5 song EP “Figure 8”.  As an artist I was never originally drawn to the talents of Outasight for his rapping abilities but for the fact that he can actually sing. Don’t get me wrong the man can spit a verse but this mixtape really puts the eclectic element of Outasight’s music on display. The title track “Figure 8” is damn catchy and if there were a radio station that stopped playing Pitbull for 5 minutes and put on something like this, I would tune in every mourning (after the edge mourning show of course). One of my other favorites thus far is “Everything” that adds a little Ska element to the mix-tape but “So What” is giving it some solid competition as it is damn catchy. Overall, every song is on “Figure 8” is entertaining and makes me wonder if there is a full length CD in the works…one can only hope.  FREE DOWNLOAD

Outasight-Figure 8 

Outasight- Everything

Outasight- So What

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