June 23, 2011

Asher Roth Featuring Quan- "Summertime"

Yea yea yea more summer time jams but, this time in the form of some sunny day blunt smoking vibes from Asher Roth. The melodic and smooth flow that Asher provides relaxes listeners into a summer haze over the classic sounding beat provided by Nottz. This is the type of track that makes me want to throw away all mental/ physical responsibilities for the summer and rep the porch life to the fullest. Not only is the song chillen like the brews in the freezer but it features Quan (one of Nas' homeboys from back in the day) who I haven't seen come up on my rap radar in quite some time. So if you've read this far into this blog, stop now... reading's for losers.... go get the lawn chairs out, throw away all your inhibitions, and relax.

Summer time, blue sky's, feel the breeze, blowin trees, and it feels good, so good, like it should, and you feel it too. 

Asher Roth Featuring Quan- Summer Time 

That Heineken song

I've been meaning to post this song for a while now, and I think this is a perfect time for it since SG has been completely taken over by hip hop (surebuds.. where the 'f' did you go? we all work full time). Yeah I just called out my friend through the blogosphere when I clearly could have just sent him a text. Back to the point... have you all seen that Heineken add where the curly haired dude comes flying in to some fancy party and proceeds to be the most awesome guy there? I don't really know how else to describe it, but the song is catchy as hell. Turns out its by a Danish band called Asteroid Galaxy Tour who had previous commercial success with a 2009 ipod add featuring their hit Around the Bend. Trust me, you've heard it... 500 times. The same goes for this song I guess. I realize its not new, I also realize its not very 'underground,' but sometimes you've gotta throw the stuck up blog ideals out the window and just post what you like. Hopefully a few people read this blog and go "damn.. I liked that song, but I was always too lazy to do that 10 second google search" Well, I am your google searcher, you're welcome.

Asteroid Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age

Late add-in: I just watched some youtube videos and this band is unreal live... just saying

Game ft Chris Brown- Pot of Gold (R.E.D. Album Preview)

If your like me you may have started to doubt Game. For a while I thought he was one of the rawest out there, thug rap at its finest. He did fall off for some time, but I never lost faith completely. This song takes a different approach than what we've seen from Game as of late. Red Nation was pretty gangster, this one...not so much. Chris Breezy on the track too and everything that man touches turns to gold, minus Rihanna's face that is... ya I went there.
This is the latest single off Game's upcoming project The Red Album, set to release August 23rd. Give it a listen along with Red Nation below.

Game Ft. Chris Brown- Pot of Gold

Game Ft. Lil Wayne- Red Nation

Marlena Shaw- California Soul (A. Skillz Remix)

Here's a dope remix of a classic track. Great summertime vibes, something to really get weird to. After getting overwhelmed with thousands of requests, Mr Skillz offered up this free track for our listening enjoyment. This tune is big time, an electro summer banger if you will. It's good to hear a techno song can still blow up without relying on "wobblewobblewobble" for 5 straight minutes, no offense to the dubheads. Anyway, get that California soul in ya.

June 21, 2011

Kids These Days- "Summerscent" Video

I posted the Kids These Days way back when and have been patiently waiting for them to put out some new tunes. Just in time for summer the Kids put out their newest track "Summerscent" which may be featured on their up coming album and has been garnering them some crazy attention. According to their facebook Jay-Z...yes Jigga man himself Tweeted about the Multi-talent Kids These Days.  "Summerscent" is everything we could have expected from the highschoolers, Dope instrumental sections, amazing vocals and some nice rhymes. Now as you can hear, Maccie Stewart has a damn sexy voice but I am unable to discuss her appearance as I have a beard and she's still in high school... but God dammit she can sing. On the male end of the spectrum Liam Cunningham has a strangely unique voice that sounds crazy good along side Maccie and then just when you think the Kids are too talented for their own good Vic Mesna comes in with some smooth lyrical ability. In a day in age where any suburban brat can build a recording studio with their allowance it's nice to see a group of Kids following their passion as a crew... for love of everything musical I hope The Kids These Days don't slow their roll anytime soon... enjoy

The Kidz In the Hall - Break It Down

In my mind The Kidz in the Hall have been one of the most underrated rap groups in the last little bit. They were one of the influential bands that helped transition underground hip hop in the 2000's from pure hood nasty to some substantial hip-hop. As I recently watched their "Here Now" documentary I've realized that they have never been signed to a major label deal. With their new release "Break It Down", the Chi-Town duo hope to transition themselves from the mass underground success that they have received over the years to the mainstream. If "Break it Down" is at all a sign of things to come the boys future is looking bright. With the always classic production from Double O and the meaningful yet catchy lyricism from Naledge the first single from their up coming album "Occassion" gives hope for their future success. As someone who prides them self on not following the "Hipster" trend of dropping artist's once they get big I can only hope that mainstream listeners hear what us hip-hop heads have been hearing from The Kidz In The Hall for years. Oh and the video makes their lives seem like a hell of a  time... enjoy.

Introducing:The ILLZ (Illzential Preview)

Native of the Dominican republic and bred in Jersey, The ILLZ has some of the nastiest lyrical delivery you'll come across. With wit and metaphors that would put most rappers to shame, this emcee flows and articulates his way through heavy beats. Relatively new on the scene, he already has 4 projects under his belt, all while floating under the mainstream radar. I'm no longtime fan, but everything I've heard so far is fire. Need proof?

June 18, 2011

Lil Wayne- Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2)

Everyone knows Lil Wayne is good for a few club bangers. But once and a while he attempts to switch styles and display some versatility. Dear Anne is wayne's sequel to em's Stan. Swizz Beatz on the production, the song will NOT be on The Carter 4. I'm not gonna pretend that this track has anywhere near the heaviness of eminem's version nor the long term significance, but it's refreshing nonetheless. I couldn't help being reminded of one of my favourite tracks off Tha Carter III, Dr. Carter, where wayne moves away from his comfort zone and attempts to revive the state of hip-hop through some fancy wordplay. Fans of Mr. Carter are constantly tried and tested by his experimental and often just plain shitty choices, but he manages to keep me interested.

Lil Wayne- Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2)

Lil Wayne- Dr. Carter

June 17, 2011

Big Sean - Finally Famous album preview

In celebration of the straight goods household finally getting the internet again (the judge said we had it last time he posted in anticipation that we would get wireless within a couple days of him posting, but in the typical fashion of everything we do around here, that got put off for a while longer) i'm putting up a new post within minutes of getting our wireless set up. I've kind of been unsure about whether I was a fan of Big Sean or not over the course of his career but after listening to the free stream of his album, I think i've made up my mind. Initially I had him pegged as your typical 'cash, cars and clothes' rapper, but over the past little while I've started realizing that he's got more depth than I gave him credit for. It doesn't hurt that this album is absolutely stacked with unreal featured artists - Lupe, Kanye, John Legend, Chiddy Bang, the list goes on. So far my favourite tracks are Get It, Wait For Me, Celebrity and Memories. I believe the official release date for the Finally Famous (The Album) is June 28th, so until then, enjoy this free preview.

Finally Famous by Big Sean

June 8, 2011

Asher Roth Featuring Akon- Last Man Standing

Trying to run a blog while living in a house without internet is way harder than anticipated. But now that we're back in action and back on the interwebs you can expect to see more frequent posting from your favorite crew of musical misfits. I wanted to blog this new Asher track since the first time I heard it. I passed up blogging his Rawth EP and it rattled me for weeks. With Asher finally getting the underground credit I felt he has always deserved, It was only a matter of time until he came at us with some main stream bangers. I heard a lot of people not liking this song due to the fact that mainstream hit maker Akon sings the hook. I look at it like this, If Akon was some random bro who just started singing hooks everyone would be on his D, but since he has had so much success them hipster folk (whatever that means) tend to label him has a sellout. I assume there has to be a reason for the man's popularity, could it be that he's a good singer with a catchy voice? most likely. At the end of the day, the songs an absolute jam and has been tearing up my headphones for weeks and if the song ever reaches radio play please don't hate on my home boy Asher... cause for the love of God I would listen to this song on repeat for 8 hours over listening to J Lo once... enjoy

Asher Roth Featuring Akon- Last Man Standing

June 3, 2011

Ellie Goulding- Lights (The Remixes) Pt. 1 EP

Since the first time I laid ears on Ellie Goulding I was determined to marry her. When I realized that she did not only have a sexy voice but was also good times on the eyes I established this dream may be dead, but regardless of the relationship or lack there of between me and Mrs. Goulding the woman continuously makes my ears happy. Her hit song "Lights" has more remixes than Lady Gaga has crazy pills, so much that she has released a mini EP of only "Lights" remixes. With the Bassnectar remix being the first and most popular of the four on the EP I have grown incredibly fond of both the Shook and Max Gordon Remixes. The funk element that Shook brings to the track gives me a little RAC feel and makes the song crazy groovy. On the other hand, the more relaxing slowed down dub-step version from Max Gordon makes me want to quit my grime filled job and become a professional cloud watcher ( yes its an actual profession called Nephelococcygia... say that 10 times fast).  As Canadian summer is now rocking in full force both these tracks should be put to great use... if not stop looking at the picture of Ellie like that, thats the future mother of my children and as Wiz would say "stay the hell away from my woman"... enjoy

Ellie Goulding- Lights (Shook Remix)

Ellie Goulding- Lights (Max Gordon Remix)

Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

This song is a ‘must post’. I think most people that were exposed to the Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs either before or after their grammy winnings can agree that that album was a masterpiece of songwriting. The good thing about amazing songwriting, as anybody that’s ever covered a Bob Dylan song can tell you, is that it can be reinterpreted to the n’th degree and as long as that original song structure is retained, that cover has a good chance of succeeding. I recently came across a cover of the title track off that album by a female Scandinavian artist called Mr. Little Boots (the spouse of Little Boots perhaps?) that is currently blowing my mind. Maybe its because the song has that trip hop sound that I’ve been feeling, or maybe the slight traces of dubstep influence (another genre that I’m beginning to warm up to), but either way, this song has me completely entranced. Listen to it yourself and try to tell me you disagree.

Mr. Little Jeans- The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

Bonus: Doing my research on Mr. Little Jeans also led me to a remix of her most popular song to date by Straight Goods favourite - RAC. Rescue Song is the track that is putting Mr. Little Jeans on the map and RAC's touch ups are flawless as always

Mr Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC remix)