June 23, 2011

Asher Roth Featuring Quan- "Summertime"

Yea yea yea more summer time jams but, this time in the form of some sunny day blunt smoking vibes from Asher Roth. The melodic and smooth flow that Asher provides relaxes listeners into a summer haze over the classic sounding beat provided by Nottz. This is the type of track that makes me want to throw away all mental/ physical responsibilities for the summer and rep the porch life to the fullest. Not only is the song chillen like the brews in the freezer but it features Quan (one of Nas' homeboys from back in the day) who I haven't seen come up on my rap radar in quite some time. So if you've read this far into this blog, stop now... reading's for losers.... go get the lawn chairs out, throw away all your inhibitions, and relax.

Summer time, blue sky's, feel the breeze, blowin trees, and it feels good, so good, like it should, and you feel it too. 

Asher Roth Featuring Quan- Summer Time 

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