June 17, 2011

Big Sean - Finally Famous album preview

In celebration of the straight goods household finally getting the internet again (the judge said we had it last time he posted in anticipation that we would get wireless within a couple days of him posting, but in the typical fashion of everything we do around here, that got put off for a while longer) i'm putting up a new post within minutes of getting our wireless set up. I've kind of been unsure about whether I was a fan of Big Sean or not over the course of his career but after listening to the free stream of his album, I think i've made up my mind. Initially I had him pegged as your typical 'cash, cars and clothes' rapper, but over the past little while I've started realizing that he's got more depth than I gave him credit for. It doesn't hurt that this album is absolutely stacked with unreal featured artists - Lupe, Kanye, John Legend, Chiddy Bang, the list goes on. So far my favourite tracks are Get It, Wait For Me, Celebrity and Memories. I believe the official release date for the Finally Famous (The Album) is June 28th, so until then, enjoy this free preview.

Finally Famous by Big Sean

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