June 23, 2011

Game ft Chris Brown- Pot of Gold (R.E.D. Album Preview)

If your like me you may have started to doubt Game. For a while I thought he was one of the rawest out there, thug rap at its finest. He did fall off for some time, but I never lost faith completely. This song takes a different approach than what we've seen from Game as of late. Red Nation was pretty gangster, this one...not so much. Chris Breezy on the track too and everything that man touches turns to gold, minus Rihanna's face that is... ya I went there.
This is the latest single off Game's upcoming project The Red Album, set to release August 23rd. Give it a listen along with Red Nation below.

Game Ft. Chris Brown- Pot of Gold

Game Ft. Lil Wayne- Red Nation

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