June 21, 2011

Kids These Days- "Summerscent" Video

I posted the Kids These Days way back when and have been patiently waiting for them to put out some new tunes. Just in time for summer the Kids put out their newest track "Summerscent" which may be featured on their up coming album and has been garnering them some crazy attention. According to their facebook Jay-Z...yes Jigga man himself Tweeted about the Multi-talent Kids These Days.  "Summerscent" is everything we could have expected from the highschoolers, Dope instrumental sections, amazing vocals and some nice rhymes. Now as you can hear, Maccie Stewart has a damn sexy voice but I am unable to discuss her appearance as I have a beard and she's still in high school... but God dammit she can sing. On the male end of the spectrum Liam Cunningham has a strangely unique voice that sounds crazy good along side Maccie and then just when you think the Kids are too talented for their own good Vic Mesna comes in with some smooth lyrical ability. In a day in age where any suburban brat can build a recording studio with their allowance it's nice to see a group of Kids following their passion as a crew... for love of everything musical I hope The Kids These Days don't slow their roll anytime soon... enjoy

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