June 21, 2011

The Kidz In the Hall - Break It Down

In my mind The Kidz in the Hall have been one of the most underrated rap groups in the last little bit. They were one of the influential bands that helped transition underground hip hop in the 2000's from pure hood nasty to some substantial hip-hop. As I recently watched their "Here Now" documentary I've realized that they have never been signed to a major label deal. With their new release "Break It Down", the Chi-Town duo hope to transition themselves from the mass underground success that they have received over the years to the mainstream. If "Break it Down" is at all a sign of things to come the boys future is looking bright. With the always classic production from Double O and the meaningful yet catchy lyricism from Naledge the first single from their up coming album "Occassion" gives hope for their future success. As someone who prides them self on not following the "Hipster" trend of dropping artist's once they get big I can only hope that mainstream listeners hear what us hip-hop heads have been hearing from The Kidz In The Hall for years. Oh and the video makes their lives seem like a hell of a  time... enjoy.

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