June 18, 2011

Lil Wayne- Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2)

Everyone knows Lil Wayne is good for a few club bangers. But once and a while he attempts to switch styles and display some versatility. Dear Anne is wayne's sequel to em's Stan. Swizz Beatz on the production, the song will NOT be on The Carter 4. I'm not gonna pretend that this track has anywhere near the heaviness of eminem's version nor the long term significance, but it's refreshing nonetheless. I couldn't help being reminded of one of my favourite tracks off Tha Carter III, Dr. Carter, where wayne moves away from his comfort zone and attempts to revive the state of hip-hop through some fancy wordplay. Fans of Mr. Carter are constantly tried and tested by his experimental and often just plain shitty choices, but he manages to keep me interested.

Lil Wayne- Dear Anne (Stan Pt. 2)

Lil Wayne- Dr. Carter

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