June 3, 2011

Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

This song is a ‘must post’. I think most people that were exposed to the Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs either before or after their grammy winnings can agree that that album was a masterpiece of songwriting. The good thing about amazing songwriting, as anybody that’s ever covered a Bob Dylan song can tell you, is that it can be reinterpreted to the n’th degree and as long as that original song structure is retained, that cover has a good chance of succeeding. I recently came across a cover of the title track off that album by a female Scandinavian artist called Mr. Little Boots (the spouse of Little Boots perhaps?) that is currently blowing my mind. Maybe its because the song has that trip hop sound that I’ve been feeling, or maybe the slight traces of dubstep influence (another genre that I’m beginning to warm up to), but either way, this song has me completely entranced. Listen to it yourself and try to tell me you disagree.

Mr. Little Jeans- The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

Bonus: Doing my research on Mr. Little Jeans also led me to a remix of her most popular song to date by Straight Goods favourite - RAC. Rescue Song is the track that is putting Mr. Little Jeans on the map and RAC's touch ups are flawless as always

Mr Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC remix)

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