July 20, 2011

The Return of Surebuds

 So I'm not sure if anybody's noticed (or chirped about it in past blog posts...) but I sort of fell off the Straight Goods map for a little while there. I've got plenty of excuses though, I recently finished my time living the college dream at the SG household, and have moved into the real world that is Toronto. When you're still trying to live that dream it's somewhat of a trip getting everything in order, including my internets, but I think I've got it figured out for now. I should be back with stacks of music that I haven’t been able to post for a while here, expect big things. My first track returning to this blog scene is a classic for the loyal SG viewers that have stayed through this musical drought... I got nothin’ but love for ya

July 17, 2011

The Cool Kids- When Fish Ride Bicycles

I was a huge fan of The Cool Kids' first album and since then followed the occasional singles/ mix-tapes they have released. Their new project "When Fish Ride Bicycles" gives us something a little different from the duo as they seem to minimize the intense slowed down hip-hop beats and instead add more mass appealing tracks. Although the album gives you the classic Cool Kids tracks like "Bundle Up", its the songs like "Swimsuits", "Gas Station" and "Summer Time" that have caught my ears. The fact that they have Mayer Hawthorne on a track just proves that they have put themselves on the good road of creativity. Overall the Album is a great listen for new fans or old... so buy that shit or secretively find it on the interwebs.

The Cool Kids- Swimsuits Featuring Mayer Hawthorne

The Cool Kids- Summer Jam Featuring Maxine Ashley and Pharell

The Cool Kids- Gas Station Featuring Bun B

July 10, 2011

Theophilus x RAC

We have been slacking hard of late, sorry about that. Leave it to my mother to end my procrastination. That’s right kids, my mother requested that I blog this song, she's cooler than your mom… eat it.

Theophilus London’s debut album is 9 days away from dropping, I think it’s about time we caught up with what he’s been doing. A few weeks ago the Brooklyn MC released his lead single off the album Last Name London and its pretty damn good. As with every song he does, it has that throwback feel to it that makes his music so entertaining. But my mom didn’t ask me to post that one, she’s got the RAC bug. In a Kanye-esque move, Theophilus has been releasing free music leading up to the impending album drop on the 19th. One of these teasers is a remix of Why Even Try ft. Sara Quin by the king of the remix – RAC. What more can we really say about RAC that we haven’t already said on this site? You know what to expect, and you know you want to listen to it, so just go ahead… you have my permission.

Theophilus London - Last Name London

Theophilus London - Why Even Try ft Sara Quin (RAC Remix)

Pusha T ft Tyler the Creator- Trouble on My Mind (Fear of God Part 2 Preview)

Clipse and Odd Future team up on this haunting neptunes beat. Track is set to appear on Pusha's upcoming project Fear of God Part 2: Let us Pray, due Augest 23. Pusha's clean technique nicely offsets the booming flow of Tyler. And Neptunes, ya done good on this one. Can't help but pay attention to everything that comes outa OFWGKTA, even if a good chunk of it is barely listenable. Check it out, this ones a must download.

A peek into the mindset of Tyler the Creator:

“omg god. you guys have no fucking idea. like, this is crazy. im a legit stan. and the beat. pharrell was fucking with some drums and i was like do this and that, use this, add your voice with that UHHH sound. then he did some keys and i was like nah, do the other way. then chad did the guitar part. then i told chad to add like something, like brass or some shit, he added the horns. then i went and added the strings, cus i thought it was missing something. pharrell had a flight to catch so he left, and chad went in the other room. so i arranged the instrumental in pro tools how i wanted to rap to it, just with the strings during the hook, and yeah…..”
- Tyler, The Creator

PS. look out for Pusha T to appear on a few episodes of the second season of HBO's How to Make it in America.