July 17, 2011

The Cool Kids- When Fish Ride Bicycles

I was a huge fan of The Cool Kids' first album and since then followed the occasional singles/ mix-tapes they have released. Their new project "When Fish Ride Bicycles" gives us something a little different from the duo as they seem to minimize the intense slowed down hip-hop beats and instead add more mass appealing tracks. Although the album gives you the classic Cool Kids tracks like "Bundle Up", its the songs like "Swimsuits", "Gas Station" and "Summer Time" that have caught my ears. The fact that they have Mayer Hawthorne on a track just proves that they have put themselves on the good road of creativity. Overall the Album is a great listen for new fans or old... so buy that shit or secretively find it on the interwebs.

The Cool Kids- Swimsuits Featuring Mayer Hawthorne

The Cool Kids- Summer Jam Featuring Maxine Ashley and Pharell

The Cool Kids- Gas Station Featuring Bun B

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