July 10, 2011

Pusha T ft Tyler the Creator- Trouble on My Mind (Fear of God Part 2 Preview)

Clipse and Odd Future team up on this haunting neptunes beat. Track is set to appear on Pusha's upcoming project Fear of God Part 2: Let us Pray, due Augest 23. Pusha's clean technique nicely offsets the booming flow of Tyler. And Neptunes, ya done good on this one. Can't help but pay attention to everything that comes outa OFWGKTA, even if a good chunk of it is barely listenable. Check it out, this ones a must download.

A peek into the mindset of Tyler the Creator:

“omg god. you guys have no fucking idea. like, this is crazy. im a legit stan. and the beat. pharrell was fucking with some drums and i was like do this and that, use this, add your voice with that UHHH sound. then he did some keys and i was like nah, do the other way. then chad did the guitar part. then i told chad to add like something, like brass or some shit, he added the horns. then i went and added the strings, cus i thought it was missing something. pharrell had a flight to catch so he left, and chad went in the other room. so i arranged the instrumental in pro tools how i wanted to rap to it, just with the strings during the hook, and yeah…..”
- Tyler, The Creator

PS. look out for Pusha T to appear on a few episodes of the second season of HBO's How to Make it in America.

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