September 12, 2011

M83 - Hurry Up We're Dreaming Preview

M83 is a synthrock band that hasn't seen the studio since 2008, as much like myself, they took a little bit of a hiatus. If you haven’t been exposed to them yet the music they create is atmospheric, almost instrumental in nature, but this is what makes it good as it can be interpreted differently by anyone that listens to it. With a sense this music is still very storyline based, as although there is no true lyrical pattern most of the time, there is still the feeling that there have been challenges overcome with momentum building to a conclusion. M83’s next album won’t be released until October 16th, but they have been so kind to give away the single Midnight City ahead of schedule. Listen to that track below, and keep this group in mind for those mental health days we all take from time to time.

M83 - Midnight City

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