September 23, 2011

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Fall Tour


Macklemore was one of the original artists we featured here on Straight Goods, back when he first teamed up with the natural productions of Ryan Lewis to create the VS ep. Two years later the duo has finally regrouped their efforts, with an album in the works and a tour in progress across North America. There's something about Macklemore's honest, no-filter rap over Lewis's organic instrumentals that paints a picture unlike any other. Hear below for the two tracks they've released so far, and look for the duo to be putting out their sophomore album early 2012.

When Macklemore/Ryan Lewis come to your area buy some tickets, you won't be disappointed - I know we'll be there when he comes to Toronto December 10th. It's only $18.50 to pick up a GA ticket, so figure it out cause these won't be sitting on the shelves for very long.

Macklemore - Make the Money:

Macklemore - Can't hold us (feat. Ray Dalton):

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