September 20, 2011

Moufy - Boston Lights

In my attempts to get things in back in order around here, I found that the blog's email had once again turned into a gold mine of good music. Keep sending - if it comes personally I will read it, if your manager has us on a mailing list... no guarantees.

An artist named Moufy sent over his mixtape and it turned out to be one of the gems pulled from the chaos of submissions. He hails from Boston and lets everyone know it, with his title track Boston Lights even getting play at the Patriots game this weekend. Moufy takes a hard stance with his lead single, but in the rest of his music we hear a deeper side with a smooth storylined pattern. His Boston Lights mixtape is now out for free, and there's some good visual stimulus to go with the leading tracks... which you can find below.

Moufy - Boston Lights [Video]

Moufy - Whispers of a Cloud [Video]

Moufy also put out a short film before the mixtape, produced by a film production team, that takes his storylined approach to the extreme. Moufy isn't in this film - just his story depicted while we follow the lines. You don't see this quality from artists on the comeup.

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