September 15, 2011

Yonas/Kendrick Lamar - Pumped Up Kicks

Hey remember when I posted Pumped Up Kicks back in..... March? I wish I could have invested in it instead, because it's still just gaining popularity now with artists finally remixing themselves onto it. Both Kendrick Lamar and Yonas have posted up their own versions of Foster the Peoples' lead single, and they both are actually pretty good. I think Yonas takes a better approach though with a harder, more rugged beat that keeps more of the song together. Kendrick's verses are still solid but he sets the tone and tempo much softer, so when he's not rapping it gets a little too lighthearted for me. Figure it out for yourself below.

Yonas - Pumped up kicks (remix):

Kendrick Lamar - Pumped up kicks (DJ Reflex remix):

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