October 12, 2011

Common - Blue Sky

The comeback!! I just noticed that the judge is back in action, time for the boys to take the load of of surebuds' shoulders. Predictably, my first post since who knows how long coincides with my first trip to the library since I used to come here for the free wireless. I've been wanting to post a song for a couple weeks ago but none of the music I've been hearing lately has been all that inspiring, until I heard this song. Leave it to one of the vets to come through in the clutch for me. This track is from Common's upcoming album The Dreamer, his 9th, which is produced entirely by No I.D. Hats off to the guy because this beat on this song is more addicting than any hip hop production I've heard on the blogs for the past few weeks. The whole song has a very Kanye-ish feel to it, from the layered vocal samples to the distortion on Common's voice during his third verse. Just listen to his delivery on that third verse, I can't help but hear Kanye. Am I losing it?

Common Blue Sky

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