October 31, 2011

Cristil Flow & D.Glass.B - Straight Goods

A little while back I found a mixtape in the inbox titled “Straight Goods” from the rapper/producer combination of Cristil Flow and D.Glass.B. Since it had such a good name and they hail from Toronto, I gave it a run through right away – I’m glad I did. Cristil Flow’s line to line, laid back, rap keeps things relaxed throughout the mixtape, and the instrumentals do nothing but help. On select tracks Straight Goods also brings in a vocalist, Kyla Charter, to provide the hook, which adds even more soul to this duo’s sound. This is a cause I’ll easily lend my voice to, as it’s always good to find some solid core talent surfacing out of Toronto. Chris Stiliadis (Cristilflow) let me know the tracks below headlined the Straight Goods mixtape, but don’t hesitate to grab the full thing for yourself.

Straight Goods (Cristil Flow & D.Glass.B) – Where My Hand Sits (featuring Kyla Charter)
Where My Hand Sits feat. Kyla Charter by CristilFlow

Straight Goods – Don’t Know
Don't Know by CristilFlow

Straight Goods – One Shot (featuring Kyla Charter)
One Shot ft. Kyla Charter by CristilFlow


  1. how can I submit my music for this blog? keep up the site! thanks got your time.

  2. we welcome all music submissions at straightgoodsmusic@gmail.com