October 4, 2011

Sleeping Giants Revisited

It's hard to be caught up with everything these days. I posted the Sleeping Giants a while back when they first sent in their music, and the crisp flow and samples they took left me wanting more. Well the duo has kept working, and I have it on good authority that they now have enough music stacked up to drop their debut mixtape in the coming weeks, so keep your head up.

The Sleeping Giants' songs that have been released to this point come with varying tempos, showcasing their ability to adjust to different styles and samples as they come. The samples that the duo use need to be talked about once again, as they continue to find their backdrops from abstract venues... for example the songs below feature Into you by Cinematic Orchestra, a rendition of Ariel Pink's Round and Round, and Telepopmusik's Breathe as samples respectively. The way they approached Breathe should be mentioned separately though, as a stunning vocalist, Mary Zheng, is also brought in to lend the hook some life. Follow the Sleeping Giants on those tracks below, and look for their mixtape to be featured here when it's official.

Sleeping Giants - So Much Better Here

Sleeping Giants - Round We Go Kwa-I.L.L

Sleeping Giants - Just Breathe (featuring Mary Zheng)

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