November 22, 2011

DubFx - Live from the Streets

Every now and then I come across an artist with more than just music to offer. Whether this has been William Fitzsimmons' deep story growing up with blind parents or Suzanne Vega's perfect MP3 tuning pitch, with unique experience these artists set precedent and trend for the rest of the industry to follow. Recently by the way of a good friend, I was lucky to be guided to another one of these musicians.

Let me introduce you to DubFx. A vocal artist originally from Australia, who left everything behind a few years ago when he realized life was becoming too stagnant and the music was slipping away. DubFx quit his job and took to the streets of Europe, with only the support of his conscious rhymes and the rest of his voice to carry him from there. The thing with DubFx is that he creates every single dubstep/drum & bass sound in his music live on the spot, layering different vocal loops using only pedals and distortion. You think this would limit him, but it doesn't at all, as he links music together better than most artists do in the studio. This is a man that truly understands sound. Oh and by the way, DubFx isn't on the streets anymore - he's been running his own label and is now recording with artists on rooftops in Italy. Don't be afraid to chase your dream kids.

I'll let DubFx do his own introduction though with, Made, live from the streets of Bristol, UK.

Check that song and a few others below that carry the same heat. Don't be shy to watch the videos. Live music is usually best experienced when you can see it...
  • DubFx - Love Someone [Video] 
  • DubFx - Flow (Featuring Mr. Woodnote) [Video] 
  • DubFx - Soothe Your Pain [Video]

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