November 14, 2011

Intuition - Old Enough (Video)

Its been a minute since we heard from one of my favourite names in the world of underground hip hop so its not surprising that new material from Intuition finds itself posted here on Straight Goods Music. The combination of Intuition and producer Equalibrium is akin to the genius that is Macklemore-Ryan Lewis (December 10th - Toronto, mark that calendar) in that the two complement each other's styles so well. The 'new material' that I speak of comes in the form of a video (unfortunately there is no download link available yet as far I know) for a brand new track titled Old Enough. To be completely honest I don't really understand the video, there's some sort of heist thing going on and there's a little kid in sunglasses that's married to a blonde bombshell.. Somebody explain this to me.
Regardless of my confusion over the plot line of the video, this song is the shit, can't wait for more music from this MC, who's near the top of my 'how isn't this guy more popular?' list

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