November 25, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People (Mixtape)

Wild cover art. After listening to Lupe Fiasco's new mixtape a couple times my emotions are a mix between relief and joy. Let's be honest here, Lasers was not a good album, clearly there was some issue with Lupe's label pressuring him into recording a certain type of music and the end result was a bunch of lackluster radio singles. The Cool and Food & Liquor were great albums because they were essentially concept albums, meant to be listened to from start to finish if you wanted to get the full experience of the record. This mixtape isn't a concept album or anything like that, but it is entertaining. Lupe stays relevant rapping over the likes of M83, the Glitch Mob, the Bassnectar remix of Lights, Nero, and a few others. Lyrically, Fiasco is back to his politically charged style, except for some reason he comes off slightly less crazy on this project. Try out a couple of my early favourites below and download the rest here. Also, if you're interested in finding out the rest of the songs he goes in over, head to this link to see the back cover.

P.S. some of you may not like the third song I posted all that much since its kind of hectic but its got this Rage Against the Machine vibe that fires me the fuck up

Lupe Fiasco - The End of the World (M83 - Midnight City)

Lupe Fiasco - Super Cold (Glitch Mob - Bad Wings)

Lupe Fiasco ft. Dosage - Friend of the People (SebastiAn - Jack Wire)

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