November 7, 2011

Omen- Afraid of Heights Mixtape

Now-a-days I feel rap has become utterly faddy. Whether it is the electro influence that has come to consume pretty much all pop and a majority of new rap, some sort of dark wolf gang ish or of course the ever popular frat rap. As rap fans we have become consumed with these catchy forms of hip-hop. But for me rap has always been about one thing... passion. Being able to feel that the topic an artist is speaking about is the God's honest truth makes connecting to the music much easier.  Whether they are spitting real life shit or conveying passion through the art of story telling, sometimes I need some substance as opposed to fancy beats.

I've know this Omen character simply as one of J.Coles extended crew. With the release of " Afraid of Heights" listeners are able to get a feel for what Omen's all about. Have I completely dissected the album... of course not, I'm a student... I ain't got time for that shit, But I have found of couple of gems and would definitely suggest giving the album a go. Are you gonna find any friday night bangers... No, but  your definitely in store for some crafty lyricism... enjoy.

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