November 28, 2011

Rapper QueST and His Electro Side Kick Mt.Eden

Over the years I have on and off again followed a variety of artists. Artist's such as J.Cole, Chiddy Bang, and Outasight apparently have received a variety of mainstream attention. But over time its an unfortunate product of having actual responsibilities that forces me to forget about certain artists.

I recently came across some new stuff from rapper QueST which features production from electro/dub step group Mt.Eden. The track The Walk is set by a glitchy sounding beat that is complemented by QueST as he spits complete awesomeness all over it. the fact that QueST sounds like Twista on steroids fits in well with an electro/dub step group producing his tracks. Although I'm not a huge dub step fan, the extent of the wobble wobble that I can handle is used in the track Still Alive (Where I Have To Go). The beat goes in the opposite direction and is just simply slowed to the point where QueST is able to absolutely tear it apart. At many times in this track I feel like I'm listening to spoken word, but I think it's this uniqueness in his flow that draws my ears to his music... enjoy

QueST - The Walk

QueST - Still Alive (Where I Have To Go)

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