November 8, 2011


Straight Goods Music has always been a staple blog in my quest to find every good song this planet has to offer. From Hip-Hop through Electronic over to Indie Rock and Acoustic, the boys have been spoon-feeding us all some of the finest for our ears to feast on. With that off my chest I’d like to introduce myself as the newest member to the SG team, (skip the next paragraph if you couldn’t care less who I am).

Since the rest of the guys hail from the same University I felt it only natural to name myself after my own (slightly superior) university's mascot “Gryph”. I grew up in Toronto where in my childhood I jammed out to the same stuff everybody else did. In high school I skipped through a couple genres with Hip-Hop being the main focus. I am now in my third year of Geography at the University of Guelph and my musical tastes seem to have developed a serious case of ADD. I’m sitting here trying to put words to what I listen to but it is proving a little tough so I’ll sit back and let my posts do that talking. Oh, and I’m T-Sedany’s younger brother.

BBC Radio 1 Essential mixes (Avicii ring any bells?) seem to be gaining popularity with some big names getting the time to showcase their skills on the decks for extended sets. About a month ago a friend of mine came across the band SBTRKT scheduled for an essential mix, I recognized the name later being reminded of the drake remix. After getting my hands on their self-titled album I realized that this was a special group with a sound that puts The XX's sound on a more electronic and upbeat scale. SBTRKT is currently on tour and I caught them in Toronto this Thursday at The Hoxton. Great show in a tiny venue with an opening act by araabMUZIK that absolutely blew my mind. Check out highlights from SBTRKT's self titled album, and while you’re at it give the araabMUZIK documentary a watch where he throws down on an MPC for the last couple minutes.

SBTRKT - Hold On

SBTRKT - Something Goes Right

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