December 12, 2011

Adventure Club - "Collect Call"

The Montreal native dubstep duo, Adventure club, has been making their way around southern Ontario recently, warming up for their larger tour cross Canada and dipping into the states. A few weeks ago I attempted to go to one of these shows, but traffic issues kept the group from making their appearance. If they had been able to get there, I would have been privy to the track the duo has officially released tonight, a remix of Metric's Collect Call.

I've been waiting on this track to be exposed for a while, as it's perfectly aligned with Adventure Club's focus to use powerful female vocals worked into their web of dubstep. This duo has showed good examples of this in the past, taking Lips' Everything To Me and Flight Facilities' Crave You to new levels, the latter being a song I thought I preferred untouched. With this duo about to take their music nationally, it seems this is the point where they make it, if they're going to. See below for their latest remix of Collect Call as well as the other tracks I mentioned, then check these guys out when they come around to your city - New years at the Sound Academy with Mord Fustang sounds pretty tempting to me...

Metric - Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix)

Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

Lips - Everything To Me (Adventure Club Remix)

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