December 12, 2011

Carousel - 26 Allston

Indie music is becoming more and more popular these days, (ironic, as indie represents independent). With groups like Foster the People, M83, Metric and the Naked and the Famous leading the charge, indie music has been able to penetrate society like never before. This has made room for different sub styles in this musical landscape to emerge, such as the soft rock/electro group Carousel.

Carousel is a group of friends that met up at the Berklee College Of Music (yes, of the same orchestra that DJ Premier lead), and have since used their talents to mesh together the pulsing synth of electro with the intricate melodies of indie rock, to find their strong curiosity-peaking sound. I always like when I come across groups with formally trained musicians in their corps, as it usually means they will have a fairly consistent sound throughout all their music, rather than relying on singles that come through the luck of experience. This is the case with Carousel's latest 5 song EP, 26 Allston, which they just released for steam or download off their website. Definitely worth checking out - I'm sure we'll hear this sampled and remixed soon enough.

Carousel - The Thrill

Carousel - Get Up

Carousel - Games

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