December 12, 2011

Concert Review: Macklemore + Ryan Lewis

When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made their way to Toronto's Mod Club on Saturday night for their first gig ever in Toronto, the SGM team was there to check out the show. I'm not going to waste any time with background info here, as the hip hop duo has been featured on Straight Goods Music a couple of times now, (and if you've never heard of them, hit up those SGM archives because you're in for a treat).

Macklemore is known as a passionate artist, who really cares about his music. When he was on stage this showed clearly, as he was on point and energetic, seeming a little surprised to find out how faithful his Torontonian followers are. Ryan Lewis' on stage antics were very reminiscent of Sabzi (from Blue Scholars) as he was constantly involved with the crowd, as well as helping out with vocals and just going crazy. I knew going into the show that there was bound to be some hardcore fans watching one of the most energetic hip hop performances, but due to the fairly youthful crowd, stage diving and crowd surfing, it seemed to get out of hand near the end. Now I'm not one to hate on energetic fans because that is what it's all about, but if you decide to get up on stage, go for your stage dive. I don't really care to see 7 kids posing for their buddies in the first row to take a cell phone picture, just so everybody will believe them when they post on facebook that they were on stage. Overall a great show, oh and the live trumpet was damn cool.

Check out the video for their fall tour and I would definitely recommend you get out to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis when they're in your area - if you haven't already missed them.

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