December 16, 2011

iSH - So Long

So at the start of this week when I posted Carousel’s new album, 26 Allston, I signed off with the line “I’m sure we’ll hear this sampled and remixed soon enough,” and I’ve already been proven right. iSH, a Toronto based rapper that was featured recently on SG, is continuing his domination of recently released indie rock/electro, putting a few verses on top of one of Carousel’s stronger tracks from 26 Allston – Here Right Now. iSH is on his grind right now, with an ear to the industry like no other, being able to keep on top of the latest tracks and re-releasing them for free as soon as possible. This is buzz building mode people, as iSH has to get himself positioned nicely here before he releases his upcoming mixtape – Long Days, Short Nights – in early January 2012. Look out for it.

iSH – So Long

Carousel - Here Now

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