December 16, 2011

Daniel Lee Kendall - Lost in the Moment

I’ve recently been hearing Australian singer/songwriter Daniel Lee Kendall’s leading single, Lost in the Moment, sampled ever so slightly on a number of commercials. The subtle high hats combined with bouncing keys gives this song a warm, welcome entrance, which stuck on me and forced me to hunt it down. When I came across the success Daniel achieved based off these commercials, it was clear that having his song featured has now given him the opportunity to truly chase a life in music (with his featured track at 100k YouTube views & the rest of his music quickly rising from the ~5K it sat at prior).

This significant change got me thinking, who are these executives responsible for choosing music to place in the ads, and where do I sign up? The extent to which media is helping artists these days has simply grown to such a point that they should realize their power is starting to rival that of music labels. If they give artists the opportunity to showcase their work – whether this be through a commercial, or on a a larger scale in a show or movie – it can easily mean big things for them and their career, much past the feature itself. Although this path clearly places all the responsibility on the artist to grow themselves, when good choices are made and the right audience is exposed to the material, things always have a way of working out. See how Daniel Lee Kendall has responded to this newfound fame, with his re-released track Lost in the Moment below, as well as a video to follow. Recognize it?

Daniel Lee Kendall - Lost in the Moment

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