December 10, 2011

Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius - WZRD

 It looks like Kid Cudi is getting a little unsettled in his current style of music, so he's attempting to switch things up once again. Cudi is teaming up with his long time producer, Dot Da Genius, claiming to be making a different hip hop album - influenced purely by punk rock. Now called WZRD, this duo has quite a bit of experience working together, operating under the name, 2 Be Continuum, for most of their earlier work (including the albums that got Cudi famous). Taking a note from Will Smith, WZRD is said to keep it clean and include no vulgar language, further showing how Cudi tries to distance himself from the rap community.

Cudi just released the single for WZRD, Teleport to Me, which features him covering the all too common problem of distance, over Desire's Under Your Spell (which also made an appearance in the movie Drive). With samples taken from Synthpop groups like Desire, and the only appearance coming from Empire of the Sun, I'm not too sure how WZRD is punk rock, or why Cudi wants to label it, but it interests me regardless.

WZRD - Teleport to me

Desire - Under Your Spell

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