January 18, 2012

Ground Up- Clutch

Ground up has consistently been producing quality hip-hop music since I heard them a couple of years ago. My theory behind their success is the fact that they are a complete group that includes a variety of both rappers and producers/DJ’s. This combo in rap groups is on point, as it ensures variety in their production and music in general, while still maintaining a consistent group sound. Ground Up's newest track “Clutch” is from their up coming mix-tape The Get Down which is sponsored by one of my favorite music sites GMAD. The song features an entertaining whistle oriented beat and some solid flow from each rapper, which has come to be expected from Ground up. I have recently found my self overwhelmed with the amount of solid music I have to blog and yet this song has still been on repeat. The video is also mad entertaining and has solved all my parking ticket woes, as they’ve established that all you have to do to get out of a ticket is get a child with a snapback to breakdance in front of those asshole ticket writers… who knew.  So until The Get Down comes out, have fun jamming this addictive track.

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