January 31, 2012

The Incomparable Shakespeare - Four Point oh

However you would like to define the genre, i've personally never been a huge fan of recent "Gangsta" rap. Rap is basically like poetry. Someone who consumes any form of poetry usually enjoys a written perspective of what they value, want or envy in life. Broads like greys anatomy quotes, some seem to really enjoy popping bottles, some use rap to express their political beliefs, and some go for the Adele route and just get real emotional. What ever your poison,  we all listen to rap because we connect with what the poet or rapper is talking about.

Well after being snubbed by Universal The Incomparable Shakespeare has moved on and decided to spit whats true to him and apparently thats something i'm way to familiar with... book learning. Four Point oh is a song about the trails and tribulations of Shakespeare's rap career thus far. As I watched this video I couldn't  help but compare him one of my favourite artists, Shad K. Although he is unique in his own right, theres not many talented artists out there that discuss the actual educational aspect of college life. Apparently its not all about having a time, some people leave university having advanced themselves intellectually... crazy concept.

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  1. I really appreciate the write up. I'm incredibly late, and just seeing this. Regardless, its still appreciated. I'm glad you could relate. Thx fam

    - Shake