January 31, 2012

K.Flay's still Coastin'

There's a type of artist that's been carving themselves quite the niche over these last few years. Female hip hop is typically not a genre that's exposed but that only leaves room for an artist like K.Flay to have her say. I first heard K.Flay on the classic Zion-I track "Coastin" that stayed on repeat for multiple seasons during my college career.

This post-Standford student handpicks her samples from popular indie tracks like a lot of other college rappers, but she also does her own thing, with her new album Eyes Wide Shut having a much more obscure feel than her past work. See below for a few examples of what she's been up to; with a track off her new ep, an older track she did sampling the XX's Crystalised, as well as a track of her with Grieves + Budo from the Rhymesayers crew. This girl's definitely been following the right line so far. 

K.Flay - Easy Fix

K.Flay - 2 Weak

Greives + Budo - Lost In The Sun (feat. K.Flay)

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