January 17, 2012

LiLa - 8 Bit Kid

This place has been a little quiet lately, which may be in part due to my lack of attendance. I moved more-downtown in Toronto and had to do the whole internet dance all over again, apparently they can't change that shit in a day's notice. It's all good now though and I'm going to use this as an excuse to post some music that is a few weeks old, but definitely still worth looking into if you didn't catch it. Starting with a track I heard about a month ago on the blog Sunset in the Rearview, this song has stuck around on my iTunes as a go to subway/traveling song. The lyrics match the almost autistic feeling that comes from the instrumentals, as the repetitive strings create an atmospheric nature that seems to take you in if you'll let it.

LiLa - 8 Bit Kid

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  1. Yo preciate the love, u might also feel the 1st n 2nd albums >>> lilamusic.bandcamp.com or just @lila n we'll get u right... cheers from nc,