January 17, 2012

R3K's Approach to Remixes

The artist that's getting the most recognition for his remixes these last few days has been a DJ out of Boulder, Colorado named R3K, that's gone ahead and put his ubiquitous touch on some more popular hip hop tracks. Taking on the unique voices of Lil Wayne, Cudi and Wiz Khalifa, R3K does well to create interesting, smooth environments for select attributes of their sound to be further exposed. Pairing strong rappers with female vocalists, sampling Imogen Heap or Florence and the Machine, R3K subdues his remixes while still giving them that driving intensity. An intriguing approach that more and more of the hip hop sound seems to be moving towards. Contrast always makes things interesting.   

Kid Cudi - Falling Star (R3K Remix)

Lil Wayne - Fly By Night (R3K Remix)

Wiz Khalifa - Youngin on his grind (R3K Remix)

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