January 8, 2012

Sammy Adams "Into the Wild" mix-tape

Sammy Adams has always intrigued me as an artist, but I often find my self defending him as a rapper to friends. For me Sammy is the definition of frat rap in its purest form. Does he have the most meaningful lyrics? obviously not, the kids in college living the god damn dream. The biggest decision of his week is if he wants to drink Pabst or some Old Milly’s. Sam’s Newest Mix-tape “Into The Wild” is a prime example of what I’ve always enjoyed about his frat rap sound. The man makes some damn good party jams like “Lost”, “Big Lights” and “Take The World” that I assume have frat houses around Americaland poppin off. Actually twitter has proven this, as there is a cult like following of college kids that adore the Boston native. His songs may not be meaningful or have more than 10 words in them but to many hip-hop fans or to those who black out 3 times a week he preaches the glory life that the youngens are currently living. But don’t get me wrong the man still has solid lyrical ability that is showcased in songs like “Thunderstorm”. So if your about to enjoy your first couple weeks back at school I strongly suggest you turn this shit to max volume and forget about the fact that your supposed to read at some point this semester. 

Sammy Adams- Big Lights 

Sammy Adams- Thunderstorm
Sammy Adams- Take the World 

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