January 18, 2012

Tony Williams - Blazin High (feat. Wale, Emilio Rojas and Macklemore)

Recently I came across an absolute jam from a rapper named Tony Williams. Apparently he’s got a pretty gangster collection of friends, as his newest mix-tape is aptly titled Some of My Best Rappers are Friends. “Blazin High” features Wale, Emilio Rojas and Macklemore, which in its own is a crazy sick collection of hommies. The number one thing that bothers me about both Wale and Emilio is their production, which is usually a little to hood for my taste, but the instrumentals on this track are sick and if you listen closely you can here the background beat from Jay and Kanye’s hit “N*igga’s in Paris”.  Tony Williams doesn't rap on the track himself, but does sing a pretty nasty hook that is complemented at the same caliber by three verses from the rest of the crew. Get it below.

Tony Williams- Blazin High feat Wale, Emilio Rojas and Macklemore 

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