February 28, 2012

Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror

The first time I sent my ears on the journey through Sleigh Bells sophomore album "Reign of Terror" I found myself a combination of offended and intrigued. The new age girl pop group that gave us the addicting Rill Rill came back with a bang and after a couple listens, I can't get enough of the album. Guitarist, Producer Derek Miller brings heavy 70's and 80's style rock guitar complimented by simple but hard hitting drums that give the instrumentals a heavy and throwback feel. The often distorted rock guitar seems to blend with Alexis Krauss' soothing voice to create some amazing sounds. I'm not about to say that Sleigh Bells reinvented anything here but they definitely brought a new feel to whatever genre they actually belong to. Check out early highlights bellow and get your hands on "Reign of Terror" if you're into it.

Sleigh Bells - Crush

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

February 21, 2012

A Little "Dose Of Dopeness" From Cudder

With Kid Cudi doing the whole WZRD thing and a sub-par sophomore album, there has been a missing aspect to my hip-hop needs. I understand and completely respect that artists will evolve and their music will change with them but there is something about the early Cudi’s flow and lyricism that I haven’t been able to find in any other artist (including recent Cudi). Dot Da Genius has recently given me a little fix of the old K.I.D. by releasing the studio version of “Dose of Dopeness” (2008) with some filthy production accompanied by Cudi spiting that one of a kind flow that we all have grown to love. Check out the track below and lets all hope that Cudi goes back to that good old fashioned hip-hop every once in a while.

Kid Cudi - Dose of Dopeness (Prod. Dot Da Genius)

February 15, 2012

Lotty and Arc - He Can Only Hold Her Remix

Straight out of Hamilton, Ontario I bring you Lotty and Arc; two members of local rap group the Hamilton High-Cats. Met the one guy through a friend a couple years ago and until now have never given his music a listen. They bring a classic hip-hop feel to the table with the groovy sample of Amy Winehouse's "He Can Only Hold Her". Don't know which one is rapping and which one sings the hook but the track features some solid flow and a damn catchy chorus. The track gives me that sunny day barbecue type of feeling that you don't hear very often in hip-hop today. The video is of their new track "Ready to Roll" in which the duo get a little deeper on us. It feel's damn good to be reppin some Steeltown talent on Straight Goods... so enjoy

Lotty and Arc-He Can Only Hold Her (remix)

City and Colour - "Little Hell"

Can't ignore it any longer, City and Colour aka Canadian singer/songwriter Dallas Green is killin it. Who knew the Alexisonfire co-leader could have such a successful post-hardcore solo career. So much going on in some of his tracks--he brings folk-style to a different level. His album "Little Hell" released last year is getting some just recognition. Have a listen:

City and Color - Grand Optimist:
City and Color - Fragile Bird

City and Color - Weightless

City and Color - Fragile Bird (SoniXx Remix):

February 8, 2012

The Knocks Featuring Mandy Lee "Midnight City" (M83 Cover)

Ok so I'm completely stealing this one from P&P but it's honestly one of the best re-work's I've ever heard. M83's track "Midnight City" has been sampled, rapped over and re-worked countless times at this point. If I were them I would personally take this as a compliment as, until now no version of the song has even come close the amazingness that is the original. The Knocks have been one of my favourite electro bands for sometime now and with the vocal addition of Mandy Lee they do an unreal job of the re-work. They tone down the synthy sound, add some sweet female vocals and give the track a more instrumental feel. The original will always be the absolute jam that led to its popularity but this version just ignites something in my ears that makes me happy... enjoy

The Knocks Feat Mandy Lee- Midnight City (M83 Cover)