February 8, 2012

The Knocks Featuring Mandy Lee "Midnight City" (M83 Cover)

Ok so I'm completely stealing this one from P&P but it's honestly one of the best re-work's I've ever heard. M83's track "Midnight City" has been sampled, rapped over and re-worked countless times at this point. If I were them I would personally take this as a compliment as, until now no version of the song has even come close the amazingness that is the original. The Knocks have been one of my favourite electro bands for sometime now and with the vocal addition of Mandy Lee they do an unreal job of the re-work. They tone down the synthy sound, add some sweet female vocals and give the track a more instrumental feel. The original will always be the absolute jam that led to its popularity but this version just ignites something in my ears that makes me happy... enjoy

The Knocks Feat Mandy Lee- Midnight City (M83 Cover)

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