February 15, 2012

Lotty and Arc - He Can Only Hold Her Remix

Straight out of Hamilton, Ontario I bring you Lotty and Arc; two members of local rap group the Hamilton High-Cats. Met the one guy through a friend a couple years ago and until now have never given his music a listen. They bring a classic hip-hop feel to the table with the groovy sample of Amy Winehouse's "He Can Only Hold Her". Don't know which one is rapping and which one sings the hook but the track features some solid flow and a damn catchy chorus. The track gives me that sunny day barbecue type of feeling that you don't hear very often in hip-hop today. The video is of their new track "Ready to Roll" in which the duo get a little deeper on us. It feel's damn good to be reppin some Steeltown talent on Straight Goods... so enjoy

Lotty and Arc-He Can Only Hold Her (remix)

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