March 7, 2012

Emily Haines - Metric - Black Sheep

When talking about female musicians that make me swoon, it should be obvious that I really am cheating myself if I'm looking further than the Canadian lead singer of the indie rock group Metric - Emily Haines. This girl takes her style, (and power correspondingly), past any other female that's graced the scene in a long time. With her putting strong material and emotion through Metric for over 10 years, Emily still manages to maintain a level of independence that would be far washed away from any other artist with that notoriety.

Feel Emily's emotions through her re-recorded track, Black Sheep, which was recently featured on the film, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, shot in Toronto's own infamous concert venue, Lee's Palace. If you haven't had the experience of attending this venue, (or the even better experience of the Dance Cave, which lives upstairs), do so immediately. That grit that Emily brings definitely still resides there.

Metric - Black Sheep

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