July 15, 2013

Audio Push feat. Lil Wayne - Space Jam

There's a heat wave in Tdot and as I sit on my balcony and sip on my Double Cross Vodka on ice, this gem happened to fall into my lap. The Cali duo, Audio Push (who are signed to Hit-Boy's HS87 label) just released their debut single which features Lil Tunechi spitting over the classic Space Jam by Quad City DJ's. Obviously I'm using the term 'classic' as loosely as a wizard's sleeve hangs, but I mean c'mon...it's SPACE JAM! I'm not even gonna downplay how much that flick meant to the 7 year old me. MJ crushin' Monstars like it's nobody's business, Sir Charles promising to never do the nasty with Madonna again, Newman from Seinfeld sweating all over the goddamn screen...priceless.

No thinking required to listen to this jam. Drop this joint at your summer pre-drink and you'll instantly be the most popular cat in the room (with males and females alike). Safe to say Miley will be droppin' it down and shakin' to this one. And Amanda Bynes. And Lindsa...fuck it. Here's your chance Miley, do your dance, at the...

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