July 13, 2013

Banks - Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

It's no secret, I have a slight addiction to overtly sexy female vocalists. Over the years I have subtly fallen head over heels for the beautiful melodic voices of Florence, Ellie, the girl from The Neighborhood and other songstress' that I would gladly marry without any inclination of what they look like. Other than Florence, of which I still bump the original Lungs album, I usually end up getting entranced by a groove filled remix that I randomly stumble upon.

This is definitely the case for L.A based singer Banks. As I sit in a blur of procrastination trying to define this girl, I've become lost. I'm almost confident I've read just about every article I can find on this girl and the alluring mystery that surrounds her and her persona is incredibly enticing. She seems very adamant about avoiding the Lana Del approach and simply wants people to focus on her music. The above video is the original "Warm Water" and the below remix by Snakehips provides a groovy rendition of the jam. Oh and this mysterious L.A vixen will be touring with Toronto's own The Weeknd on his fall tour.

p.s give it a good 40 seconds to kick in.

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