July 12, 2013

Do Work - The Ultimate "While You Work" Playlist

I've been racking my brain recently trying to come up with a more effective way to share the music that I spend my days listening to.

My job may not always be the most thrilling daily endeavor but there are certain benefits.  I essentially spend all day on the computer working for a company that makes no bones about you throwing on headphones while grinding away at the daily tasks.  This simple privilege is likely the only reason I stay sane.  Large corporations take note: no office mass shootings from this guy—although removing the free pop-machine was a low-blow. 

There’s no specific genre of music I can tell you is the most conducive to a productive working experience.  Anything from Beethoven to Lil B can work; it’s mostly a matter of personal opinion.  But I have found myself more drawn to a certain sound during the work day.   A beat with some pace, a bit of electro feel, a simple and appealing melody, a heavy drop every now and then—all key factors.  If you’re like me, you need the music to flow steadily and keep you in a zone of blissful ignorance to the garbage piling up in your email inbox. 

That brings me to the point of this post:  A playlist for all your workday needs.  Everything from folk to dubstep is fair play—but this list tries to put you at ease and not to overwhelm the senses too much.  

25 tracks to keep your ears occupied and your mind on point.  

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