July 8, 2013

J Dilla ft. The Brand New Heavies & Mos Def – “Saturday Night”

Haven't done this in a while but the recent emergence of funky fresh music has me reinvigorated with expressing my opinions on the interwebs. Within the last month, there has been an abundance of funk oriented music on the radio waves. With a ridiculous amount of milk with their shake, it seemed impossible to not be obsessed and excited about entering a funk filled summer after hearing Blurred LinesGet Lucky and Treasure. Unfortunately its only natural to get sick of songs after you hear them ten times an hour. Fortunately for you I'm back in the procrastination game and stumbled upon this gem. All you really need to know is... J Dilla, Mos Def and some falsetto that I would need 7-8 vocal/genital surgeries to obtain. You stay funky San Diego.

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