July 19, 2013

John Mayer - Wildfire

Returning from a 3-year hiatus, the biggest beauty in the league (or douchebag - depending on who you ask) is returning with his 7th album, Paradise Valley on August 20th. After a dismal first release in my opinion (the melancholy, slow jam, Paper Doll was named as the album's first single), I was genuinely concerned for Mayer, both as a vocalist and songwriter. Where was the rawness? The emotion? The goddamn guitar!? But silly me, Johnny May has it all under control.

The album's second single, Wildfire is a tour de force of effortless, summer vibes. The tune is silky smooth and showcases not only Mayer's sound vocal ability (he just recovered from a 2011 granuloma removal that left his vocal chords at risk) but incredible guitar chops as well. The last minute of the song is Straight Goodness (wink, wink).

Johnny May has always been one of my favorite artists and I hope this new album restores him to his former Grammy-glory (Born and Raised did not). I will be in attendance at Molson Amphitheatre as he makes a scheduled tour stop in Toronto on August 14th. This one goes out to you Jennifer (Love Hewitt and Aniston), Minka, Katy, Taylor, Jessica, Cameron and I'm sure hundreds of others!

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