July 10, 2013

Joywave - Tongues Ft KOPPS / 88888 Mixtape

So we're bringin this thing back eh? There's been a hole in my heart the past little while and the dormancy of this blog was the cause. It's good to be back. With that said, let's give a warm welcome to NotJasonDerulo, who writes like a goddamn poet.

I think part of my role on this site has always been to add a little diversity to the music we post. We all love hip hop and you can't go 48 hours without a noteworthy artist releasing something, so it's easy for that genre to dominate. On that note, for my 'comeback post' I present you Joywave, a band out of Rochester. Joywave's music is pretty eclectic but the song that's had a hold on me for a few months now is called Tongues (ft KOPPS). Tongues has that glitchy sound that we've seen artists like Flume have some serious success with lately. Take a listen and head to their website for a free download of the whole mixtape. If I can make one request, please don't listen to this song on your laptop, phone or iPad speakers.

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